2016 Race Schedule and Results

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Here's the schedule and results links from 2016. I take no responsibility for broken or incorrect results links however!

Date Race (Tentative/Confirmed) Confirmed Crew

Jan 1, 2016 TCYC New Year's Day Race (C) Simon, Jen, Mike and Denice

(No finishers, so no results)

Jan 3-March 13 VRC Polar Bear Series ( C) Simon, Jen, Veronica, Jose, Kevin, Sean ...

2016 Results

April 2, 2016 TCYC Spring Tuneup (C) Simon and Jen double-handed for TCYC Sailor of the Year qualification


April 9-10, 2016 RVYC Opener (C) Saturday: Simon, Jen, Alex, Veronica, Kevin, Jose, Mike

Sunday: Simon, Jen, Alex, Veronica, Kevin, Denice, Marek


April 30, 2016 WVYC Halibut/Popham Race (C) Simon, Liam, Kevin


May 7, 2016 TCYC Passage Island Race (C) Simon single-handed for TCYC Sailor of the Year qualification


May 12-June 23 Spring evening racing (C) Thursday evenings with FCYC

2016 R1) Simon, Alex, Rob, Mike

R2) Simon, Jen, Denice, Mike ...

R3) Simon, Jen, Alex, Kevin, Ashley, Chris

R4) Simon, Alex, Denice, Rob, Kevin, Mike

R5) Krikkit not racing

R6) Simon, Jen, Alex, Rob, Kevin, Mike

R7) Simon, Denice, Kevin, Mike, Chris


May 14, 2016 TCYC Sailpast and Race (C) A low-key fun event with plenty of socializing, a short and easy race, and an optional TCYC BBQ after

Simon, Alex, Carla, Kevin …


June 11, 2016 Round Bowen (C) Delivery and Race: Simon, Jen

Race only: Denice, Alex, Mike


June -July, 2016 TCYC Summer Shorts (C) Casual summer evening sailing. Crewing on an informal drop-in basis.


July 9-10, 2016 VRC Summer Regatta ( C) Sat: Simon, Jen, Denice, Kevin, Alex

Sun: Simon, Jen, Denice, Kevin, Marek


July 22-24, 2016 SOAR Regatta Distance Race We'll be doing this race aboard Rob's boat "New Adventure" again this year.

Full weekend crew: Rob, Simon, Jen, Denice, Kevin

Saturday-only crew: Chris

Aug - Sept Fall Thursday evening racing (C) Thursday evenings with FCYC

2016 R1) Simon out of town, boat not racing

R2) 2nd place!

R3) 1st place!

R4) Out cruising

R5) Out cruising

R6) 1st place!

Aug 13, 2016 English Bay Scramble (C) Simon, Jen, Kevin, Mike, Denice, Alex, Marek


Late Aug, 2016 Summer cruising Krikkit will be out cruising for some of late August

Sept 10-11, 2016 Deep Cove Regatta (C) Saturday: Simon, Jen, Kevin, Liam, Chris

Sunday: Simon, Jen, Kevin, Liam, Chris


Sept 17-18, 2016 Howe Sound Regatta (T) Krikkit unlikely to compete in this one

Oct 1, 2016 VARC Fraser Lightships ( C) Simon, Jen, Kevin, Mike, Clare and Peter


Oct 15, 2016 TCYC Last Chance Regatta POSTPONED UNTIL OCT 29

Oct 22-23, 2016 RVYC Closer Regatta (C) Saturday: Simon, Jen, Denice, Chris, Marek

Sunday: Simon, Jen, Denice, Chris


Oct 29, 2016 TCYC Last Chance Regatta (C) Simon, Jen, Denice, Kevin, Liam