Krikkit isn't just for racing, and indeed was a cruising boat first. Cruising adventures aboard Krikkit have taken us to Howe Sound, the Gulf Islands, Desolation Sound, the Discovery Islands, the San Juan Islands ... and beyond. Here are a few photos from our cruising adventures.

2020 Cruising

With the world mired in pandemic restrictions and lockdowns, Simon, Jen and Ian escaped to enjoy some isolated floating time in the Gulf Islands aboard Krikkit, with a more-populated stop at Ganges where we rented bicycles and pedalled over Mount Maxwell. This gave us a chance to visit a couple of the local wineries (Salt Spring Vineyards and Garry Oaks Winery) and Salt Spring Island Cheese. Relaxing times, and a nice break from the slightly out-of-kilter real world.







2019 Cruising

Krikkit didn't get away for any major weeks-long cruises in 2019, but we had several short breaks in the Howe Sound area with various friends and family, and tacked on a short cruising break at Newcastle Island following the SIN (Snake Island Nanaimo) Regatta.


Bowen Island weekend cruise on May18-19 with Simon, Jen, Clare, Kate and Peter

Mid-week Gambier Island trip in June with Simon, Jen, Shona and Rob. We spent a pleasant afternoon and evening in Port Graves, but noticed that it was getting breezy in the anchorage the next morning. The return trip was definitely a wee bit sporty, beating into a solid 27 knot inflow breeze with sustained 30-second gusts up to 37 knots. We ended up under reefed mainsail only for a while.

Hanging at Newcastle Island with Simon, Jen, Denice and Kia, enjoying eats, drinks, friendship and secluded tanning/swimming beaches.


Gambier weekend on August 3-5 with Simon, Jen and Linda, plus David joining us in flotilla with his Mirage 24 "Freedom".

Bowen Island and Gambier Island mid-week trip on Aug 19-21 with Simon, Jen and Ian. We bumped into Kate and Peter on Bowen Island (they were visiting aboard Peter's Cal 20). After a night at Bowen we then sailed to Port Graves and enjoyed a pleasant day on Gambier, but the clouds rolled in during the evening and it was a soaker overnight and the following morning. The afternoon bought clearing skies driven by 12-14 knots of breeze, making for a fast beat home.

2018 Cruising

BC's forest fires made for some interesting warm but moody days for Krikkit's big August cruising holiday in the Gulf Islands. But there were enough sunny days to catch a bit of suntanning, and plenty of relaxing, reading and playing to be done.

Shona on the Strait of Georgia crossing from Vancouver to Nanaimo ... we got some good wind and boat speed!

Ian in the kayak, and dinner at the Dinghy Dock Pub, with some great live music.

Pirates Cove at daytime and dusk.

Smoky days in Princess Bay, Wallace Island


Ian aboard Krikkit, and with Jen in the kayak

Krikkit's first biggish cruise of 2018 saw Simon, Jen and cousin Kate sail across the Strait to Newcastle Island, in loose flotilla with David and cousin Clare aboard his Mirage 24 Freedom. A fun weekend of cards, hikes and laughter, capped with a visit to the Dinghy Dock pub.



2017 Cruising

Krikkit's 2017 cruising was split in 2017 between a longer cruise with Simon, Jen and Shona in the Gulf Islands in early July, and a short trip with Simon, Jen and Ian (joined by David aboard his new-to-him Mirage 24) to Port Graves in late August.

July 2017 - A couple of brief stops in Silva Bay and Glenthorne Passage (on Prevost Island), and then Denice joined us at Canoe Cove for a couple of days at Portland Island.

Drying dishes and practicing knots ... on Shona's leg?

Relaxing in Montague Harbour

A pleasant couple of day in Princess Cove, Wallace Island, and then a fast run home across the strait.

Aug 2017 - Freedom and Krikkit anchored in Port Graves ... Jen and Ian swimming in Port Graves

Ian enjoying a dark and stormy, and three generations of Hills (Ian, Simon and David) enjoying a hike on Gambier Island.

A fast passage home, beating into 18-20 knots of inflow breeze in Queen Charlotte Channel, and 8 knots southeast breeze in English Bay.

2016 Cruising

A quick hop across Georgia Strait in breeze building to 28 knots, then stop at Clam Bay and dinghy over to Telegraph Cove the next day.

Jen rowing the dinghy back through The Cut (with the Ian and Shona visible in the kayak), then off to Connover Cover, Wallace Island.

A quick renewal of Krikkit's sign in the Wallace dining cabin, then off to Montague to meet the Sutherlands aboard New Adventure.

Montague beach with the Sutherlands, then to Ganges so Ian could wing his way to his studies in Ontario.

Anchored in Princess Cove on Portland Island, and going for a run along the the island's network of pathways.

A nice spinnaker run up Trincomali Channel, and back to Clam Bay in preparation for a brisk reach home.

2015 Cruising

Bashing northward to Desolation Sound in 25 knot winds                                 Jen in the galley

A bit of a tropical theme! (Lund at left, Melanie Cove middle and right.)

Chilling at Refuge Cove, and paddling at Squirrel Cove

Playing on the Squirrel Cove rope swing

Hanging at Squirrel Cove with Paladin crew Steve Noble and his family … with a shot of Krikkit taken from their bridge deck.

Relaxing in Von Donop Inlet, where we swam in jellyfish soup.

A 23-hour thrash battle back home against big southerly winds (see the News and Blog page for the full account). 

                     Safe and sound at home in the post-thrash chaos!

2014 Cruising
Returning from an early-season Bowen Island getaway                 Hailey and Shona diving in at Gambier Island

Denice, Hailey and Jen on the run back from Gambier Island                        Simon at Gambier Island

Shona, Simon and Ian at Molly's Reach in Gibsons            Jen and Ian, with Shona steering, doing 8 knots across the Strait in 25 knot winds

8.49 knots on the log. Woo-hoo!                                                             Krikkit in Ladysmith, loaded with the inflated kayak and dinghy.

                                                               Krikkit in Pirates Cove, August 2014

2013 Cruising
     Krikkit anchored in Princess Cove, Wallace Island, July 2013                 Ian and Shona snorkelling in Deep Cove, Saanich Peninsula, July 2013

 Simon and Jen at the Sea Blush Cafe, Montague Harbour, July 2013                Mmm, mmm, barbecue-baked pizza!, July 2013

      Ian fishing off the foredeck, Montague Harbour, July 2013                            Sunset, Montague Harbour, July 2013

Shelagh and David's 2013 Cruising

   Shelagh underway to Sansum Narrows, July 2013                          David aboard at Port Sidney, July 2013

                                 Krikkit returning to home dock with Shelagh and David, July 2013

 2012 Cruising
           Lund in the rain, July 2012                                                               Rebecca Spit beachcombing, July 2012

             Octopus Island "art museum," July 2012                             The Hills' driftwood-and-flotsam addition to the art museum

Transiting Hole-in-the-Wall rapids at early morning slack, July 2012      Relaxing in Melanie Cove with a bevvy and a book, July 2012

         Spinnaker run down Malaspina Strait, July 2012

2011 Cruising

Crossing Boundary Pass, U.S. courtesy flag a-flying, 2011         Jen and the kids at English Camp, Garrison Bay, San Juan Island, 2011

Sailing along with the whales, then the whale watchers arrived.         Sailing in Upright Channel bound for Rosario Resort, San Juan Isles 2011

Rosario Resort, Orcas Island, 2011.                                       Ian and Shona in the kayak, Todd Inlet, 2011.

2010 Cruising

Krikkit at the Teakerne Arm Falls in Desolation Sound, July 2010              Ian and Shona at Teakerne Arm Park

Shona on the way upcoast                                                     Jen, Ian and Shona on the way
 near Powell River, July 2010                                                          upcoast near Powell River

Shona and Ian trying out the kayak                               Shona swimming in Galley Bay
 in Prideaux Haven, July 2010                                       July 2010. "It's really cold here!"

Rounding the top of Cortes Island                              Scrabble and snacks in the cockpit at Newcastle
in calm winds, July 2010                                           Island. It was Shona and Simon vs. Jen and Ian

Homeward bound acoss Georgia Straight with Ian at                    20 knots breeze, 8.3 kts boat speed.
 the helm in 20 knots NW. "Dad, this is the best day ever!"                                 Yeah, baby! July, 2010

2009 Cruising

  David checking his charts.                                                      Shelagh at the helm.
"The Admirals' Adventure," Summer '09                            "The Admirals' Adventure," Summer '09

Simon and Jen's 2009 Cruising

At anchor in Princess Cove, Wallace Island,                                Jen trying out our new boom shade,   
Simon, Jen, Ian and Shona, summer 2009                                   Montague Harbour, Summer 2009 

Jen in the hammock, Montague Harbour               Barbecue-baked pizza! Yum! Silva Bay, Summer 2009

Shona and Ian in the dinghy, Pirates Cove, Summer 2009