"Time is an illusion, corrected time doubly so."
-- (with apologies to Douglas Adams)

Welcome to Krikkit Sailing. Krikkit is an Abbott 36 that races out of Vancouver's Tiddly Cove Yacht Club in VARC Div 3 and club events. From here you can access our racing schedule, the current crewing status for individual races, and news from recent races.

We've also got info on the boat, the crew, and our competitors, plus some racing/crewing tips and, just for fun, some cruising galleries and sailing funnies. Interested in crewing? Email sailfastsimon [at] telus [dot] net.

What's new? Updated the News and Blog on June 17, 2021. Updated the Race Schedule, Friends and Rivals, and Cruising pages on May 6, 2021.