Racing/Crewing Tips and Articles

Available in the box below are some articles on sail racing in pdf format that might be of interest and use. Enjoy!

Linked articles:

* Three Simple Go-Fast Rules. You have to love the simplicity of this one, which boils down to "Sail in more wind, sail more directly to the mark, and keep it simple."

* Bend for Speed. A quick tutorial on the importance backstay adjustment, and rig tune in general.

* How to Point, Foot and Shift Gears. A nice explanation of the key tricks for keeping the boat fast in changing conditions.

* High Point and Super Speed. More on different sailing modes for different conditions.

* Light Air Tips. How to keep the boat moving in drifting conditions.

* Headstay Sag. Its role in light-air power and pointing, and how to optimize it.

* How-to Guides. North Sails' big warehouse of various how-to-guides

* How to be a great crewmember. The Krikkit crew all know this stuff already, and some of it doesn't actually apply, but it's a good read.

* About Crew Positions. A nice primer from local Vancouver skipper Martina Sonderhoff, aimed at those who are new to the sport.

Current videos include:

* North Sails U - Trim for Speed. An older video, but a good one. Worth watching more than once.

Downloadable articles (at the bottom of the page) include:

* How to be "Good Crew" (filename "ArtOfSail_GoodCrew")

* English Bay Tides

* English Bay Winds

* Mainsail trimming tips (filename "main-twist")

Just for general interest only, there's also a separate page with Simon's unrelated articles on commercial vessels (see link below).